Saturday, May 01, 2010

Roz Savage Rows Again


Roz Savage is a lady who has made a name for herself. She has rowed across the Atlantic from east to west and she has rowed from San Francisco to Tarawa, the latter being a distance of 2,598 nautical miles which she completed in just under 100 days. Now she is rowing from Tarawa towards Australia. She is unsure of where she will finish her voyage, because this will depend on the ocean currents and winds. She knows full well that she cannot prevail over the forces of nature, but has to go along with what they dictate.

Roz keeps an informative Blog* that tells of her daily struggles with the elements and of her thoughts, sometimes on weighty matters such as her passion for promoting lifestyles that have minimum impact on the eco-systems of the world. She herself has problems in this respect, in that her activities involve much travel by all means of transport that brings carbon pollution into the atmosphere. She takes pains not to leave any rubbish on the oceans while on her epic voyages and even delights in the fact that her electric kettle and electric cooling fan operate on power produced by her array of solar panels.

Roz left Tarawa on 20th April 2010, and rowed out into the Pacific Ocean. She had been given a high-profile send-off by President Anote Tong. From the start, she acknowledged she could not control the direction of her boat because the winds and currents, in her own words, “had other ideas.” Philosophically she said she would end up somewhere, and by that remark we can deduce, she certainly has faith in her ability to survive. I just hope so, because the stretch of ocean she is attempting to cross, besides having unhelpful currents, has islands and reefs to negotiate.

For the first two or three days she was distinctly queasy and off her food, but now she has settled into a routine and her appetite has returned. Sleep was also a problem. On the night of day four, there was torrential rain, which brought to light a leak in the cabin roof, the source of which Roz could not locate. She was suffering badly from sunburn as she had not taken adequate preventive measures by applying ample sun cream to her skin or by wearing suitable clothing. I believe I’m right in saying she blames the fact that she is subject to sunburn because of her gene connection with her grandfather, whom she describes as a ‘redhead’.

By day six Roz was more in tune with her life on the ocean and she noticed schools of small fish breaking surface. They were jumping clear of the water - no doubt because of being pursued by predators. She already made friends with a tiny spider she named, Alf and thought he may have a companion stowaway. She was a bit concerned when she could not find Alf or his friend, and could only assume they had hidden themselves during the heavy downpour of rain.

Roz knows where she has come from, where she is, and has ideas as to where she wants to go. On day seven she wrote in her Blog that, “It is time for me to start transitioning into the next phase of my life, to take on a new challenge. Hopefully this will be the Foundation that we are fundraising for at the moment through the Go Roz Go contest. The purpose of the foundation will be to nurture the next generation of people pursuing their life purpose - be it in adventure or anything else. If you can, please help support us. No contribution too small - it all adds up!”


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