Friday, May 14, 2010

EEE PC 4G Windows Laptop


Three days ago my new (second-hand) ultra-portable laptop was delivered by TNT to my doorstep. After playing around with the settings and installing an antivirus application, plus doing a defrag, I was fairly happy with what I had bid for at Ebay.

As I explained in a previous article* I wanted a Windows version of my EEE PC 2G Surf laptop, so that by using a Broadband USB dongle I would be able to access the Internet from my yacht.

The ultimate objective is to have a facility for uploading my ship’s log to my Blog. I also want to be able to upload photos taken with my Sony digital camera. In order to do the latter I had to find out if my new laptop was compatible with my Sony digital camera, and I’m relieved that it is.

The acid test is to give it a go, and if you are reading these words and you can see a photo of my EEE PC Netbook, then I have been successful.

One thing I miss with the miniature laptop is a photo application that allows me to resize photos. On this occasion, so that you don’t have to open a 2.3MB photo, I have trimmed it down by using the Microsoft Photo Editor which is installed on my main computer. Making photos smaller on the EEE PC will be a problem unless I can install a similar editor for reducing their size. Maybe there’s a facility on my camera that will allow me to take photos with less pixels?**

Meanwhile, please accept this as a ‘test’ entry for when I come to upload my ship’s log on a daily basis during June and July.

** I have discovered there is, but these photos come out at about 1MB which is still hefty. Two or three KB would be ideal. My Nokia E71 mobile phone has a camera which takes pictures with less pixels; however, the installation of the Nokia Suite that links the phone to the laptop is very consuming of the limited space there is on the 8GB hard drive; therefore I would be reluctant to install it.


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