Friday, May 21, 2010

Preparing my EEE PC 2G Laptop for the Summer Cruise

Logitech Wireless Mouse and Dongle

In an effort to familiarize myself with my miniature laptop before taking it with me on my summer cruise aboard ‘Ladybird’, I’m practising using it by doing today’s Blog. I’ve mentioned before that I would be seeking a way to resize photos so that they would have less pixels, perhaps in the region of 2K. I’ve discovered how this can be done - simply by right-clicking the photo icon, then from the menu selecting ‘Resize Photo’, whereupon another popup appears giving size options.

Until now I’ve been using a wireless Microsoft mouse which I have been swapping between my main computer and the EEE PC, but this has been irksome, and there have been times when have I wanted to use both computers concurrently. A mouse pad on a laptop has never worked well for me; therefore I much prefer a separate mouse. This also gives me flexibility for operating the computer because I am not restricted by the length of my arm and fingers. To improve matters I bought a Logiteck M305 wireless mouse which works a treat with the EEE PC. An advantage of the Logitech over the Microsoft mouse is its very neat dongle that hardly protrudes from the USB slot. This means that I can leave the dongle inserted into the laptop, even when the laptop is in its protective bag.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, but today looks as though it could be hotter. There was not the faintest of winds during the morning; however, the sea breeze set in this afternoon. I’ve been wondering if the weather will be similar during June and July. I can hope for good weather and for enough wind for sailing. Only time will tell. There are another eleven days before I plan to set sail on my next great adventure, a cruise along the South Coast aboard my 19’ Seawych sloop. I’ll first have to cross the Thames Estuary before sailing around the eastern and southern coasts of Kent. One of my objectives will be visit places where I have not been before, such as Faversham and Rye. Whether I shall be able to do so, will depend on situations encountered along the way. Time will be a factor; but the most important element will be the wind. Without the right winds, I shall not be able to reach Exmouth, Torquay, or possibly Plymouth. I shall need a month to make it to the West Country via northern waters of the English Channel, and a month for returning to Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex.

If that all goes satisfactorily, I intend to offer ‘Ladybird’ for sale in August. With the proceeds I shall hope to undertake a new project. I am not sure what form this will take, but I may attempt to build another boat.


Ladybird for Sale Website

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