Saturday, May 22, 2010

At Buxey No 2

It’s Saturday 22nd May and the time is 1405 and I’m aboard ‘Ladybird’ at anchor, a cable or so from the Buxey No 2 Buoy to the north of Foulness Sand. I am with a gathering of yachts at anchor adjacent to the sandy spit where the seals await the incoming tide before hunting for fish.

My sail to windward during the morning and early afternoon was really enjoyable. Because the weather is perfect with a sea breeze of Force 1 from the southeast, a good number of yachts are out and about.

The photo is of the double-ender passing astern of ‘Ladybird’ on her way towards Burnham.

I’ll try uploading this from the anchorage here at Buxey. The other yachts that were with me have made sail and they are on their way back to Burnham with the first of the flood tide. I’ll be off too. Bye.

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