Monday, May 31, 2010

Being Prepared

'Ladybird' Ready for Adventure

Being prepared for possible eventualities is a practical means of dealing with future happenings as they unfold. The importance of preparedness cannot be emphasised enough. Are we prepared for tomorrow? Have we taken stock of our resources? Will they be adequate for days, months, and years to come? The application of preparedness to all aspects of our lives is prudent. I am about to spend two months aboard my 19’ Sloop, ‘Ladybird’. Is she equipped for the task in hand, which is to cruise along the South Coast of England? Do I have the right provisions, and am I up to it?

There will always be flaws and inadequacies in our preparations because we cannot foresee the future; we cannot know for sure what lies ahead. We can only surmise or guess what time will reveal, and this according to our knowledge or lack of it, plus our experiences from the past. If our preparations fall short, we shall need to be resourceful at overcoming the deficiencies. No explorer in his right mind sets off to the South Pole without the right equipment or without adequate training. Likewise, no climber will attempt reaching the summit of Everest without first thoroughly researching the subject and astutely examining himself to make an objective assessment of his own capabilities. On such a dangerous enterprise, falling short of the truth will inevitably bring disaster.

I believe I have tested myself and ‘Ladybird’. Neither she nor I are perfect, but I think we are up to the task. Avoidance of gales, strong winds and taking unnecessary risks should go a long way to keeping us safe and making the cruise a success. The first few days will confirm that systems are go, but if there are deficiencies with the boat or myself, there is no shame in calling the cruise off.

Finally by way of preparation, I shall stock the boat with a week’s provisions and acclimatise myself to being afloat, most probably by spending a night aboard the yacth before setting off – that’s if the weather is suitable.

If my onboard laptop can connect to the Internet, I shall as far as possible post my daily log to these pages. Please do not be concerned if I miss a day or two, because the chances are that reception for my wireless connection may not always be adequate.


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