Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another One of those Days

Model Proa
Racing Buoy
RS Elite at her mooring

You get them don’t you? Today has been horrendous. Guess what I’ve been trying to do; I’ve been doing everything in my power to install an anti-virus application on my EEE PC 2G. At long last, after hours of frustrating glitches, I’ve succeeded, probably more by luck than purpose.

At least, now I have a viable miniature laptop which is very suitable for use aboard ‘Ladybird’. One thing remains to be done, and that’s to find a way of reducing the size of photos so that they have less pixels. I downloaded a small Windows application for reducing the size of photos to 640 x 480, but for some reason it will not work. I’ll persevere, because uploading large images to my Blog will take time; besides, I doubt many of you will want to open large-scale photos - that’s if you click on the photos for detailed viewing.

Today, as it’s been very busy for me, I’ll just leave you with a few photos, all sized at 640 x 480 pixels.

One photo is of a model Sri Lankan proa, the sort offered to holiday makers. I bought the model as a memento of my holiday there and as a reminder of the real life proa I sailed on. Another photo is of a racing buoy on the north side of the River Crouch, opposite the entrance of the River Roach, and the third photo is of a RS Elite Keelboat at her Burnham mooring.

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