Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wolstenholme Coot for Sale

Here’s a ‘For Sale’ page* at ‘Port-na-Storm’ featuring a beautiful Andrew Wolstenholm Coot that was built by Graham Neil from a Jordan Boats plank kit supplied by Alec Jordan.

The article is illustrated with lovely photos, a couple of which I have taken the liberty of reproducing here.

I’m assuming the dinghy is still for sale.


LOA                                        10’ 11”
LWL                                        10’ 9”
Beam                                    4’ 7”
Sail Area                               70 sq ft

This boat was a Watercraft Amateur Award Winner at the 2011 Beale Park Boat Show. She’s featured in Watercraft Magazine No. 88 – 89.


*Wolstenholme Coot for Sale £4,250

Graham’s ‘Port-an-Storm’ Homepage
Graham Neil Rows Coot (Video by Chris Partridge)

Wolstenholme Yacht Design

PDF Study Plans for Coot

Jordan Boats

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