Friday, February 20, 2015

Additions to the Blog

Paradox 'Faith'

Folksong 'Zeta'

I’m happy to say that readers now have direct access to my articles about Small Sailboats and my Cruising Logs. You’ll see links to them near the top right-hand corner below the header photo.

Adding them was a major breakthrough. I’ve tried several times in the past when using Internet Explorer as my operating system, but by resorting temporarily to Google Chrome I’ve been successful.

This should enable readers to see many articles posted over several years. I hope they will prove useful and enjoyable.



Alden Smith said...

The Paradox is a great design - small yachts are great. Sailing them you are so close to the water (despite the spray), wind and that sense of speed that you get from being so close.

This is a nice version of the folkboat - I think I can make out from the photo that she has a rounded front to her cabin trunk, not unlike my own yacht. Such a lovely little boat the folkboat and soooo capable - and of course there is that very famous version "Jester" (and her many versions, including one reincarnation when she was lost in the Atlantic some years ago(.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks for the direct access to Small Sailboats and Cruising Logs - I have taken a cursory look, what a wealth of information - I'll go get a cuppa and take a long look. :>).

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, many thanks for the easier links.

Stephen Mundane said...

Brilliant news Bill. Thanks for taking the time to give us easier access to your accumulated knowledge and experiences. A great resource indeed.

William Serjeant said...

Thanks guys. Go sailing.