Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photos of a Few Boats I Like

'Little Jim'

Gaffer from Holland - C44


Stunning Yacht at Lymington

'Lucky Star'

Bembridge Scow

Here are six photos taken by me of a variety of sailing boats. Links below make reference to them and place them within their contexts.


‘Faith’s’ Cruise Photos 2008

Old Gaffers Race (Entrant from Holland – C44) 2012

‘Callidus’ – A Classic Wooden Yacht

Pottering - Part 30 (Stunning Yacht)

Day Sail (‘Lucky Star’)

Pottering – Part 24 (Bembridge Scow 558)


Alden Smith said...

Great photos - I love the first one - a couple of guys having such great fun in their little yachts! wonderful!

'Lucky Star' looks like a Humber Yawl straight our of the book about George Holmes and the Humber river / yawls / cruising etc, etc - she looks a great little cruising yacht.

Stephen Mundane said...

"Lucky Star" is the one for me -- reminds me of my old Tyne Sprint two-seater canvas-and-wood folding kayak from the early 1960s, but with a sail! Thanks for sharing Bill.

PS This made me smile:

"My new intelligent Autohelm in addition to her helming duties provided the food and made the hot drinks." If only eh!