Monday, April 20, 2015

‘Minnow’ Away – Part 2



and away

Yesterday there was sadness due to the thought of ‘Minnow’ leaving home. Today there is joy as she has a new home – joy for me because I know she is wanted and will be cared for, and joy for her new owner because he has so much to which to look forward. There will be the initial exploration of what ‘Minnow’ is all about – how things work, and how best to make them work. There will be a time for learning on the water. How do I do this and how do I do that? Where do I put this and that? Mistakes will be made, but the boat is very forgiving. Next there will be growing confidence; then there will come a time of unison when both crew and boat become one. Each will help the other. Their partnership has begun. The future is theirs, whether quiet spells on a river, boisterous sailing on estuaries, coastal sailing or a North Sea crossing, from secluded creek to ocean’s horizons. Just to sit and dream, sip tea, enjoy the sun, watch the swans, wile away the evening and spend a night aboard, may be enough for satisfaction, because that’s what it is about …………. enjoyment, fun and pleasure. If it’s not fun, change tack and forget it.

Happy times ………….. I shall be thinking of you sweet ‘Minnow’. May God bless her crew.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, thankyou for those lovely words. I really have now to shake off the mantle of anonymity, now that Minnow and me are together at last.
I hope that I manage to do her and you justice,and of course, Ill let you know what we get up to and the mishaps that befall us.
I did manage to ground the lighting board on the trailer, bruising the one bit of exposed wiring, but that should be fairly readily remedied. It happened right in the entrance to the sailing club.
Otherwise we managed very well, with glances, some admiring, some incredulous along the way.
All in all, I feel very lucky indeed.
Thankyou very much, once again Bill.
All the very best, Richard.

William Serjeant said...


Inevitably there will be some mishaps. The tow ball on the van was rather high, which meant the back of the trailer was closer to the ground than when it was attached to my Mondeo. The entrances to sailing clubs and marinas often have humps to slow vehicles, but they can be hazardous in themselves.

You will find that wherever there's a Paradox, people will want to ask questions. Be prepared. Allow for an extra half-hour to the launching time!

Wishing you all the best,

Alastair said...

Richard, can you tell us what part of the country you are in? The other 3 Paradoxes in the country (that I know of) are in the south(ish) west.

Any questions, just post them on the paradoxbuilders Yahoo Group and you will get more advice than you can handle.

You are a lucky man, happy sailing.

Alden Smith said...

It must have been a wrench selling her, but you seem to think she has really gone to a good home, so that's good - rest easy, she'll soon be out having more adventures.