Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snapdragon 24

The 24

The 747

The 24

The 24

In October, 2010 I did an article about the Snapdragon 747.* There are subtle differences between her and the earlier Snapdragon 24. The 747’s rig was modified by having a higher aspect ratio mainsail than the 24's. She also had 2 Genoas, the number one being 40 sq ft larger than the single Genoa of the 24. The rudder was redesigned, for what reason I do not know. I also think the 747’s windows were more angular with sharper corners. (Compare photos above.)

Both models were built by Thames Marine of Canvey Island in the early 1960s. It is much to their credit by way of construction with heavy lay-up GRP that these boats are still active and giving service to their owners today.


*Snapdragon 747
Snapdragon 26
Snapdragon, Mirage and Invader Association
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Snapdragon 24 for Sale £5,990
Snapdragon 24 for Sale £6,750
Snapdragon 24 Sold
Snapdragon 24 Sold
Snapdragon 24 Sold


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