Tuesday, January 27, 2015

‘Finda’ – A Miniature Hastings Beach Boat

On my wanderings at Hullbridge I have often seen this colourful day boat. She’s one of those old wooden vessels you can’t fail to notice on account of being so very different from the normal plastic grot with little character. There’s no other boat like her, at least, not at Hullbridge. She’ll always have a flag fluttering from the rigging, which speaks an invitation to passers-by, “Come, look and enjoy.”


Character Boats

Hastings Beach Boat

Hastings Beach Boat - Part 2


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, what a treat for the eyes that boat is for sure. I have a book called 'Boats of the Longshoremen', by John Glasspool. An absolutely fascinating ready, in which,among many, Hastings beach boats are described along with the reason for the design. The lute sterns were idea for shooting gill/trammel/ beach seine nets, and also baskets of long-line.
To be sure that boat must need quite a few hours ot tlc to keep her looking nice, but what a reward?

William Serjeant said...


She's great fun. Even if her owner doesn't take her sailing much, they are having a ball.

Thanks for the info on the advantages of her lute stern.