Thursday, January 22, 2015

Derelict Boats

A one-off Tri

An Invader

One of these appears neglected

A sad looking scow 

Leigh Motor Boat Club

Belton Way Smallcraft Club

I suppose you could visit many a creek, club or marina in Kent, Essex and Suffolk, and you would find boats that appear to have been abandoned. Many of these weather-beaten, dirt-scarred vessels will actually belong to owners who can no longer upkeep them. They may not have the time, energy, enthusiasm or wherewithal to do so. They would love to find buyers, but because of the depressed market, they cannot sell them. Mooring or lay-up facilities may not have been paid, so by default the owners are in danger of having their boats legally confiscated by those to whom dues are owed.

When I recently paid a visit to Leigh-on-Sea to find a Golant Gaffer that was for sale, I was amazed at the number of uncared for boats there were lying around in Leigh Creek and at two local clubs, Belton Way Smallcraft Club and Leigh Motor Boat Club.

Now is the time for anyone who wants a project boat. With a little research, their owners may be found and bargains struck. Ideally, you will want to have your ‘prize’ brought home for quick and easy access. You should take into account the costs of transport to your place and back to the water. Work out what has to be done and how much cash will be required to do the job. Bear in mind the annual costs of keeping and using her.


Golant Gaffer

Belton Way Smallcraft Club

Leigh Motor Boat Club

Walking at Heybridge (With photos of decaying boats)

An Uncared for Leisure 20


Rik said...

What a very sad lot... Poor boats. Hard to imagine there are bunches of boy and girls clubs ready to grab them, fix them up and have some adventures with them.

Rik said...

I meant "that there are NOT bunches ..."

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Here at Eastney there are a few abandoned boats. The wooden ones are past rescuing as they all sink. But there is a mastless 23ft GRP yacht that hasn't been touched for at least four years. Such a shame to see it left there.