Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seven Super Yachts for Sale at Apolloduck.co.uk

Fairey Atalanta

Friendship Sloop 28

Gaff Cutter - George Glasson

Golant Gaffer

2002 Looe Lugger

1948 Spittsgatter 815

Tumlare Classic Yacht 'Susmar'

These yachts are advertised for sale at Apolloduck.co.uk today, 13th January, 2015. Links to them may shortly become defunct, but photos copied from the adverts will remain here - by courtesy of Apolloduck.co.uk and their advertisers.

I’ve chosen these lovely yachts because they are of interest to me, not that I have money to buy them, but because I like them. The most expensive, at £65,000, is an Alan Pape modern rendering in steel of an 1895 Looe Lugger. The cheapest, a beautiful Tumlare designed by Kund Reimer of Sweden, is a favourite. I first learned of Tumlares when reading Adlard Coles’ ‘Heavy Weather Sailing’, in which he describes surviving a gale aboard one in the English Channel.

Another of my favourites is Uffa Fox’s Fairey Atalanta. Two are available at Apolloduck, but the one featured here does not reveal the asking price.

The Golant Gaffer is rather special on account of her hull being built by a professional for himself, but for reasons unknown, he did not finish her. The current owner completed her to a high standard, and she’s only been in commission for two seasons. You need but look at the photos to appreciate the quality of workmanship. If I had the cash, this would be the boat for me , and furthermore she’s virtually on my doorstep at Leigh-on-Sea!



2002 Looe Lugger £65,000

Atalanta 26 – designed by Uffa Fox - Price not quoted

1948 Spittsgatter 815 £8,000

Golant Gaffer £11,500

Gaff Cutter – George Glasson £15,000

Tumlare Classic Yacht SUSMAR £6,000

1978 Friendship Sloop 28ft Gaff Cutter £18,500


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, what a lovely lot of boats! Have you seen the Atalanta on e-bay? She ll be cheap, but need some love and labour, to say the least. I love the little gaffer, I believe shes designed by Roger Dongray?

William Serjeant said...

Hi Richard,

The Atalanta looks like a lot of hard work, and not cheap to renovate.

I saw the Gollant Gaffer this afternoon. From what I could gather from the exterior, she's in excellent nick.