Tuesday, September 02, 2014

‘Minnow’ Advertised for Sale on Ebay

To give myself a better chance of selling ‘Minnow’ sooner than later, I’ve placed an advertisement on Ebay. The advertised price is £2,900 with all the goodies, including her road trailer.

The Ebay item number is: 161437876632.


Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat – Part 2


Unknown said...

Hello Bill,I wish you well with ebay, my two efforts at selling on there were not entirely satisfactory, but she will most certainly be on view to a larger number of people.

William Serjeant said...

Hi Richard,

You are right about a large number of people seeing the advertisement. Already there have been 252 hits, and there are 20 watchers. 5 people have directly corresponded with me.

The first person to place a 10% deposit with a guarantee to pay in full within a fortnight secures her.