Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Penalty Charge Notice – Part 2

Original PCN

Signature of an anonymous PNPO, an Investor in People

Not so long ago I received a Penalty Charge Notice (PNC) for parking as a Blue Badge (BB) holder in a restricted area. I had been totally unaware that I had broken the law by parking where double yellow lines were additionally marked by what is referred to as ‘ticks’; these are yellow painted marks on adjacent curbs. They can be single or in pairs, evenly spaced, several feet apart along the curb.

I appealed against the PNC, but for reasons unexplained, other than the Parking Notice Processing Officer (PNPO) was ‘unable to cancel the notice’, I was fined to the tune of £35.00.

Having put forward in my Appeal that I was not the regular driver for the disabled children for whom the BB was granted, and that I was unaware of having committed an offence, I was hopeful of a compassionate response by way of a warning, and for the return of my cheque. Instead, it was pointed out to me by the PNPO that the registered owner of the BB should have informed me of the parking rules. The BB holder says I was told the rules, but I have no recollection of hearing them, and as I have a shocking memory, I have no reason to doubt that I was informed.

As a result of what has happened, I believe Civil Enforcement Officers who give out Parking Charge Notices and those who administer them, should be more flexible to accommodate unwitting drivers who do not deliberately flaunt the rules. I also believe a zero tolerance response to minor parking offences is uncalled for, because people are capable of making mistakes and of misunderstanding rules, and they do not find it easy to grasp the meaning of some parking signs. Drivers are not programmed automatons incapable of error, nor are they anonymous PNPOs who are afraid of being identified, and who do not legibly sign letters or append their real names to correspondence.

My advice is, just be careful not to break parking rules, because if you do, you likely will be treated as a computerised robot whose circuits have failed. In times to come, for any breach of the rules, the way things are going; penalty fees will automatically be deducted from your bank account!


Parking Charge Notice


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, bad luck about the PCN, but not really suprised. The object of the game is revenue generation, an unfortunate sign of the times.
On a completely unrelated subject, I saw that your one-time sailing canoe, 'Caleb' is up for sale on e-bay, and you got quite a nice mention in the advertisement.

William Serjeant said...


The name of the game is 'Clamp'em and Fine'em' - beats Monopoly.

I know of 'Caleb' being on Ebay. She still looks in good nick, apart from a missing leeboard.