Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In or Out of Europe?

Continuing yesterday’s theme - the European Parliamentary Elections - five of the ten parties represented want to leave Europe. They are: An Independence from Europe, British National Party, English Democrats, NO2EU and UKIP. People may dismiss these parties and say they are minor and insignificant, but together they represent the views of millions in the UK.

Unavoidably, whether to stay in or to come out of Europe has become the major issue in these European elections.

 Parties are therefore showing their colours by publishing policies in manifestos – that’s with the exception of Labour, who appear not to want to become embroiled on the issue, because they are well-and-truly in, and they are aware of a groundswell of discontent being expressed by followers of the five parties who want out, besides those within their own ranks.

Inextricably linked to the ‘in or out’ debate is the topic of ever-increasing immigration.

Conservatives say they will stay in Europe, at least until 2017, when, if they have been re-elected they will give the British people a choice by way of a referendum.

 The Green Party want to remain in Europe for their voice to be heard.

The Christian Peoples Alliance wish to remain in, to work for moral and democratic reform, but they will support and respect the results of a referendum in 2017.

The Liberal Democrats very strongly support and promote being in Europe for looking after the interests of the UK.

Well, the outcome of the election is up to those who vote, because every vote counts, as members of the European Parliament are given seats by way of proportional representation.

How you and I vote will affect us all. Have your say.


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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Up until 5 or so years ago I always voted - I no longer do. I feel strongly that the organisations I vote for should deserve my vote, and regrettably, in light of the news stories on corruption, fraud, and various other unflattering episodes, I no longer feel they do....

sailing Roger said...

hi Bill
Have sent you an email

Unknown said...

Here go my 5p of wisdom:
Britain out of Europe is not workable. We might as well go back to Stone Age and live in our caves.
All the out-of-europe jamboree is a move by opportunistic politicians, who know and hope they will not be elected, otherwise they would have to U-turn on their promises. From the distance, I leave it up to you Brits to make parallels to Scottish independence...

William Serjeant said...


Thanks for the email. I have replied. Did you get it?