Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sealing ‘Minnow’s’ Cabin Trunk



Over time, due to the ravages of sunlight, wind and rain, the seams between plywood panels at the aft end of ‘Minnow’s’ cabin trunk slightly opened. Likewise the port window panel moved a smidgen from the side deck, but particularly bad were the seams between the aft washboard panel and the window panels.

This afternoon the temperature was warm enough for me to carry out repairs by filling the gaps with epoxy putty. At dusk the air temperature fell, and to help cure the epoxy I set up my mini hot air blower.

Assuming the epoxy putty will harden by tomorrow morning, I shall be able to shape and smooth irregularities found in it.


Unknown said...

Great Progress Bill! :-)

Love watching your work come along and Minnow get back in shape.

Launched "Scout" today for the first time.... went pretty good. Here's the details..


William Serjeant said...

Congratulations on launching Scout. She looks great. Thanks for your blog with all the photos and useful information.