Monday, September 23, 2013

More Jobs on ‘Minnow’

 Here’s a list of jobs done today:

I cleaned the metal runners for the hatch.

I painted the exterior of the cabin top with the first upper coat.

I sanded parts of the interior.

I varnished a few things in the cabin.

I removed the compass, and found that it had been set at an angle away from the centreline.

There will be a considerable amount to do within the boat to improve the appearance. If I remove the polystyrene, it will entail a fair amount of effort, and I have no idea what I’ll find.

The compass will have to be remounted, preferably not blocking vision through the forward window. The offset mast and the compass combine to make a blind spot. Another problem with having the compass there is that it cannot be read because of light coming through the window and the lack of light within the sphere of the compass. 

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