Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Things for 'Minnow'

Each step of the way advances the end of a trek. Numerous small things often contribute towards making the whole of an object. A boat is comprised of components, and without them being assembled she cannot be built. When renovating a boat, various parts may have to be dissembled, reassembled or replaced, and this is what I have been doing today.

Here’s a list of the tasks accomplished:

I replaced the metal runners for the hatch.

I cut off ugly and potentially dangerous u-bolt extensions intruding into the cabin – these were the threaded parts of two safety harness fixtures either side of the washboard hatchway.

I simplified the transom air vent by removing the locking mechanism. I also took off the old seal from the Perspex lid, and glued a new one into the recess in the transom.

I varnished the grab handles and the wooden trim, for the third and final time.

I epoxied the drain holes for a second time - three of them either side of the hatch recess.


Unknown said...

Bill, you have moved along at blistering speed! Does this mean that Minnow is not that far off from sailing again??

Thoroughly enjoying your updates.


Unknown said...

Hello again Bill, your opening statement sounds positively Confucian!
Seriously though, my hat's off to you and your efforts, and also the fact you write a daily blog about it as well.
Like Sean Mulligan has said, you can't be that far from getting her wet again, unless Jeckells decide your sail repair can wait till nearer spring.

William Serjeant said...


There's still loads to be done before she'll be ready for the water.


William Serjeant said...


Sailmakers are notorius for procrastinating. I sent the sail to Jeckells. They have been in correspondence, but so far they have not said how much the job will cost or when they they think it will be finished.

I paid a deposit to the firm building the road trailer, but I have not had a reply to a recent email asking how things were going. It should have been ready a week ago.