Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Name for 'Minnow'

Richard Green left a comment yesterday including these words: I hope the threatened/promised inclement weather doesn't put you off doing a bit more tomorrow, and letting us know about it.

I hadn’t twigged on that Essex was in for a bucketful of rain today – more like a flood! What with other things on the agenda, I didn’t have time for working on the boat. When an occasion for doing so arose late afternoon, I was preoccupied with saving things from a flood in the garage. A torrent of water rushed down the drive, straight into the garage. As I type, rain is still falling, and the forecast is for it to continue for several hours. My main concern is that the water will rise high enough to short out the freezer. As far as I can see, there’s nothing I can do to prevent it happening.

My neighbour was trying to get rid of water in his garage, which is adjacent to mine, but I fear that will be an impossible task. He remarked that the boat would float, and I jokingly suggested she be renamed, ‘Noah’s Ark’. She looks a bit like an ark. Any spiders left in the garage will be trying to enter her for sure.

Well, I’m resigned to the flood getting worse, which will not do the foundations any good, and they will remain damp for weeks to come. Al least, the rain is not coming through the roof, which is a blessing. Things can only get better after they get worse.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I'm sorry my comment was so prophetic for you. That means we've still got the brunt of it to come, up here in Cambridge. A
As far as your freezer goes, you could try sticking a couple of 4x4's under it to try and keep the water away from the electrics? Anyway, I hope you and your neibour come through it all with the very minimum of trouble and inconvenience.

William Serjeant said...


It's 21.30 and the water is receding.

Things are looking up. The freezer still works.


Pete said...

Deja Vu!
The Ark Continues...