Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bidding for ‘Sandpiper’ at Ebay Continues

There are nearly five days left for the auction to run, and the bidding has reached £500.

Ebay is often a good indicator of the market price for all sorts of things. People will pay what they think items are worth. By following the bidding for similar items, one can assess their going rates. I did this before I bid for my iPhone, and what an excellent phone it has turned out to be.

I have a pretty good idea as to what I can expect for ‘Sandpiper’ and her trailer, but if the winning bid falls short of the mark, I shall be philosophical about it, because I’ve so much enjoyed improving and sailing her. I can’t put a price on the fun I’ve had while looking after her.

Her new owner will have the responsibility of being her custodian – the one who cares for her. She is a classic trailer sailer, an iconic boat of the early seventies that remains popular today.

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