Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dreaming Again

I never cease to be excited by the ever changing scenery beside the River Crouch at Hullbridge. Sunrise and sunset, ebb and flow, whispering winds, swans, boats and people; the passing of the seasons; colours, light and shade; clouds, bright and fluffy, clear blue sky; falling leaves and black mud - these are the riches of this very special place.

Hullbridge is a slumber land for dreamers – dreamers like me. Yachts restlessly wriggle on the falling tide; then sleepily they rest until awakened by the urgent flood. They strain at their moorings, longing to be off, longing to curtsy in response to the wind; longing for fulfilment, just to be what they were meant to be: pleasers and charmers, dancers of the sea. Moonshine, shadows, sparkling stars; spindrift, spray, rainbow light; these are jewels of joy they bring.

My excitement is heightened by the imminent arrival of ‘Minnow’, a magical mistress seeking a new master who will cosset her; one who will dress her and make her fit for purpose. She is not the prettiest Essex girl, but she has inner strength; beneath her scars she has character and dignity and fidelity. She will satisfy her owner, and he will be content.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

You might have an interest in this... especially the last photo... :o)

William Serjeant said...


Pete did a really good job building Johanna. I'm hoping to meet him one day and to see his Paradox.


Unknown said...

Excited for you Bill! Can't wait to sign on tomorrow night and read the report!