Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inspecting ‘Minnow’

Between doing other things I had a chance to make an initial inspection of ‘Minnow’. I had to remove the sail and boom from the cabin before I could gain access to the forepeak. There I found several fenders and a camping toilet. The floor lockers were mostly empty, apart from numerous small pieces of polystyrene that had found their way there from the hull insulation. I temporarily removed two concrete castings from the floor lockers. These constitute part of the ballast. The other ballast is in the form of lead pigs which I have yet to see, since they are encased either side within the hull next to the chine logs, and I cannot see them without first unscrewing wooden capping pieces.

I wasn’t the only one doing an inspection. My grandchildren and great grandchildren took an intense interest in what they named, ‘The Wreck’. As far as they were concerned, she was a fabulous pirate ship. My daughter didn’t like the name the children had chosen; nor did she think ‘Minnow’ was appropriate. She said it was a ‘rubbish’ name, and vowed to come up with a better one. She challenged the children to do the same, and guaranteed she would have them send me a text message with their suggestions.

According to the BBC weather forecast, tomorrow should be fine and sunny, which will help me continue my inspection and start the job of cleaning the boat.

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