Monday, August 05, 2013

Paradox ‘Enuf’, now ‘Minnow’

Derek Clark, the builder of ‘Enuf’, had two articles published at Duckworks Magazine. The first tells the story of her being built, and the other of her being launched. (See links below.)

 I’m not sure why she was given her name, but I think Derek’s wife had had ‘enough’ by the time he finished building the boat, and because she frequently said she had had ‘enuf’, the name stuck! Well, she didn’t abandon him, because she went along to the launching ceremony at Ridge Warf, not far from Wareham in Dorset.

 As far as I can tell, ‘Enuf’ was first launched in July, 2006. Al Law was there to give a hand, and to sail in company with his Paradox, ‘Little Jim’.

Renaming a boat is not favoured by superstitious sailors, because they believe that a change of name brings bad luck. I do not believe in ‘luck’, or ‘bad luck’, but in ‘providence’, which is defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary as: the protective care of God. His care can never be bad! Therefore a change of name to ‘Minnow’ does not concern me. Apart from a leak and some cracking of the GRP at the gunnels, she has survived - even surviving from being frozen while afloat during a Norwegian winter.

There is another myth that bad luck will befall any green boat.  The fact that ‘Enuf’ was coated with green-stained epoxy does not worry me. Al’s Paradox was green from the beginning, and as far as I know, nothing untoward has happened to her. Most probably I shall paint ‘Minnow’ grey to hide exterior defects. She will be functional, rather than beautiful, and she will resemble a work boat. Her red sail should make her visible at sea, but to improve visibility, I may coat her mast with bright reflective paint.

Regarding her name, I prefer ‘Minnow’ to ‘Enuf’.


Building a Paradox by a Beginner

Paradox ‘Enuf’ Launched

Building Paradox - ‘Little Jim’, by Al Law


Unknown said...

Hi Bill how did you find this boat for sale in Norway?
How is it being delivered also, that is a long delivery.



William Serjeant said...

I was informed by a friend that 'Minnow' was no longer wanted by her owner. The owner of 'Minnow' bought a new boat that was located in the UK and found himself in the same position as me, i.e., he had two boats, and only wanted one.
'Minnow' will be returning on the same trailer that was used to take the boat from the UK.