Sunday, August 11, 2013

My New Project


Over the years I have owned many sailing boats. Each one has been a ‘project’. Some I have taken on as they were. Others have required significant changes. A few I have built from scratch, and two I built from basic kits.

Ownership of my boats and affinity for them have been important aspects of my relationships with them. I live a fantasy with each new boat. I see them as living creatures that respond to my affections. There are times when they sense danger and tell me what to do. They suggest when to reef and what course to steer. They give their wisdom in appreciation of my cosseting, and they respond by caring for me. Together we share glorious adventures exploring the coastline and the fringes of the ocean - always dreaming. There are times when we are terrified, elated, calm or plain exhausted, but in the end we always come through together. Back home at Fairhaven, we are grateful and thankful for our safe return.

Severing of a relationship with a boat is sometimes tearful, but I soon forget her when a new mistress arrives on the scene. Only once did I regret parting, and that came about through a generous offer - to me as a bribe I shouldn’t have accepted, but to her new owner, a bounty well worth paying. He will not sell her back to share life with me, because he knows of her benefits.

Now I am about to be severed from ‘Sandpiper’ whose new partner will partake of her favours and appreciate her capabilities. I shall shed no tears, but I shall remember times of joy - blissful, sun-blessed days, sailing the ocean blue. I shall forget moments of trial when Nature vented her fury and tried to overwhelm us; times when she played tricks without warning, to trip us up: squalls, tiderips, fog, rain and hail. But I shall remember the good times, and look for more to come with a new mistress.

‘Minnow’, Paradox that you are, what does the future hold for us? Shall we dance together, have fun, delight and share many rewards to come? 


Tudor N. said...

Dear sir,

As of a few days I am an avid reader of your blog.
Please give me your email adress (could not find it on the blog), as I would like to write to you.

Respectfully yours,
Tudor N.

William Serjeant said...

Tudor N

Please click the undermentioned link, then go to the bottom of the page and click 'Ask a Question'. Provide me with your email address; then let me know what you want to discuss and I'll most likely reply.