Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Test Sail for ‘Talitha’

Fender in the making. A rope will pass through a central support tube made from plastic.

Paul left a message on the comments page enquiring when I might take ‘Talitha’ for her first sail. I replied that I hoped it would be on Thursday, 14th July, but tonight, the weather forecast looks pretty gloomy with drizzle and rain. So much for the long-range forecast! Well, I’ll have another look at the weather maps tomorrow morning, and make a decision to go or not to go.

Meanwhile, I’m sorting out loose ends and preparing for the event. The last thing I’m lacking is a small fender. A standard one is too large; even a mini one is a little on the large size - because I have to find stowage space for it. On the other hand, if the fender is too small, I might as well forget it, because in anything of a seaway, parts of the hull would come into contact with a pontoon or jetty to which the boat is moored.

Therefore I’m motivated to make my own fender, a bit smaller than the smallest available from the chandlers. I am making it out of spare foam padding, a plastic tube, and a piece of sailcloth held together with Marlow Whipping Twine stitched along the seam.

If the fender is ineffective, I’ve lost nothing, because all the items used in making it are buckshee from previous projects.

Apart from the fender, everything is ready for ‘Talitha’s’ test sail. I am dependent upon having suitable weather and a timeslot that fits with the tides for the River Crouch, Essex.


Paul Mullings said...

Looks like late morning to early afternoon Friday might work -
Isn't it amazing I can check your weather from the other side of the world? Good luck and Boy Voyage

William Serjeant said...

From today's Blog, you will see that I was able to sail, after all.

Thanks, Paul.