Thursday, July 07, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 137

Changing the bearings

As good as his word, my friend turned up this morning and replaced the bearings of ‘Talitha’s’ trailer. Furthermore, he gave me a 3.2 kilogram folding anchor and a length of galvanised chain for it. He also let me have two wide wheels, an axel and two narrow wheels for a trolley that will clamp onto ‘Talitha’s’ skeg. The wide wheels would be better for use on sand or pebbles, but they are quite large. The narrow ones look neater; however, they would not be suitable for use on soft surfaces such as sand or gravel. I’ll have to make up my mind, which ones to go for.

The anchor after cleaning

I tried the spray cover and it looked as if it will be O.K. I think I shall fit into it quite snugly and it should protect me from the wind, rain and spray.

Spray cover

Tie for spray cover

This afternoon I removed a rusted shackle from the anchor and I cleaned the anchor. I must set up an anchoring system and find a place for stowing it. Most probably I’ll put the anchor and warp in one of the side bins. I’ll also have a sponge and a small scrubbing brush for getting rid of mud and weed on the anchor and warp. One of my daughters gave me a folding canvas bucket that may be a suitable container for the anchoring gear.

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