Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trolley for ‘Talitha’ Part 2

Trolley parts


I completed making wooden parts for ‘Talitha’s’ trolley and I assembled them, along with an axle and wheels salvaged from an old wheelie bin. I also painted the trolley with an undercoat, so that I’ll be able to apply the first upper coat tomorrow.

The trolley slots onto ‘Talitha’s’ skeg and it is held in place with a pin that passes through a hole in the skeg. I have yet to make a pin, preferably from a rod of a non-ferrous metal. I have an iron rod that would suffice, but in time, rusting could be a problem. The axle has been anodised.

Attached to the boat with an improvised rod passing through holes in the trolley and a hole in her skeg

I’m assuming the trolley will work, and until the paint has dried, I shall not know how good or bad it is. If there is a dry spell of weather tomorrow morning I’ll be able to give it a test run along my driveway.

In time I may make a frame that will slot onto the trolley for transporting ‘Talitha’s’ keel. Because it may not be always possible to take the car to the water’s edge, this device could be handy.

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