Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Modifications to ‘Talitha’

Milk carton mast sleeve

When I test-sailed ‘Talitha’ last Thursday she went through a few rough patches, as the flood tide on the river Crouch was running against a Force 4 or 5 westerly wind. At times the tops of breaking waves were blown onto ‘Talitha’s’ foredeck, resulting in water entering the housing where the mast passed through the collar. To temporarily prevent this happening I’ve devised a sleeve made from a plastic milk carton. In time, I shall make a more substantial sleeve, most probably from plywood.

New, thicker rudder downhaul bungee

I also exchanged the thin bungee that was used for holding the rudder down for a thicker one. I trust the new bungee will do the job, so that when the boat is running at speed, her rudder will remain fully immersed.

As far as I can tell, no water entered ‘Talitha’s’ forward buoyancy compartment during her first sail. As a security measure against water getting in through the keyhole attachment for her keel haul system, I redid the flexible sealant around the capping piece. Except for sealing holes through the side decks through which ropes for the deck handles pass, the boat is ready for another sail.

Ideally, I would like a variety of wind strengths for fully testing the boat. Light winds do not reveal weaknesses that may be found with the reefing system, rudder fittings or the keel. However, if the wind is no more than a Force 2, I’ll be able to try full sail.


Paul Mullings said...

Hi Bill could you use something like this to prevent the water issue?

William Serjeant said...


I am unable to upload the link because I cannot highlight and copy the full link. The last part of the link is hidden, i.e., from after '_and_'.

Thank you, all the same.


Paul Mullings said...
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Paul Mullings said...

Hi Bill, what I am suggesting are silicone pipe boots.
Hope this works