Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 135

Close-up of the keyhole retainer for the keel haul line

Today I could not find time to do anything on the boat, not that there is a lot to do, except for realigning the keel weights and attaching vinyl cut-out letters for ‘Sharpy’s’ name. I shall also try adapting a cycle cape to act as a spray apron for the boat. I shall have to make a hem for a bungee that will stretch around the coamings to keep the apron in place. Such an arrangement should be pretty watertight. I have the cape which is made of yellow waterproofed, reflective nylon – highly visible at sea. I bought the largest size I could, so that it would be long enough to fit the cockpit and to enable me to wear my buoyancy vest. I may find myself a bit hot when using the apron, but it has a ventilation flap at the rear.

A couple of days ago I had too many photographs for uploading, and I mentioned that I would publish the remaining four. Each has an explanatory caption.

Temporary stowage for the paddle, which may become permanent

I have since attached a line to the brass loop for retaining the mast in the unlikely event of a total capsize

The sheet would appear to work well, but I'll see how it goes when the boat is out on the water

The weather is not going to be too bright for the next few days, but I’ll endeavour to make some progress on getting ‘Sharpy’s’ trailer working. My friend who has promised to do the bearings should be able to fix them soon. I’m still trying to work out how I can get the boat on her trailer without having to remove her keel.

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