Sunday, July 10, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 140

Almost ready to go

My fears about the trailer coupling were unfounded. Today I had no trouble in linking the trailer to the car, but I noted that it lacked a security chain, which I believe is mandatory. Therefore I’ll rectify the matter and purchase one at the same time as I buy a lighting board. Attaching the board to the stern of the boat should be easy, because I can make a fitting that will latch onto her skeg.

Gear stowed, ready for the road

This is a better place than beside the keel box for the anchor and warp in its waterproof bag.

I tried a couple of straps for securing the boat to her trailer, and they worked well. In fact, apart from the lighting board, I’m ready to take ‘Talitha’ for her first sail. I shall be looking for suitable weather on a day when I shall be free for the sail.

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