Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camping with ‘Talitha’

Testing the tent

Cosy with the Insul-A-Matic griptec mattress.

I have been able to sleep aboard previous home-built boats, but that’s not possible with ‘Talitha’; therefore, if I’m to sail her elsewhere over a period of days, camping ashore would be the next best option. To that end, I’ve looked out camping gear that’s been stashed away in my loft for a number of years.

Most importantly, I found a small tent given to me by one of my daughters. She borrowed it one stormy weekend and was full of praise, because it did not let in a drop of water, neither did it get blown away! The easily erected igloo-style tent comes complete with a purpose-made groundsheet.

The Khyam Eiger tent and groundsheet when packed

I was pleased to find my well-tested, self-inflating mattress upon which I’ve slept so comfortably aboard ‘Micro’, ‘Caleb’ and ‘Faith’.

Likewise, I found a single burner camping stove - yet another present from one of my daughters.

My Euro GT camping stove

I also came across my book, ‘Where to Launch Around the Coast’, by Diana van der Klugt, printed in 1994 by ESP, Crowborough, East Sussex – ISBN 1 898574 02 2. Okay, it is 17 years out of date, but no doubt the slipways are still there, and perhaps some of the information is relevant.

My old pressure cooker that has served me well on previous boats will come in handy once again.

Well, those are the main items I shall require for camping beside the water, and the book will come in handy when deciding where to launch ‘Talitha’.

All I need is a spell of good weather, and a timeslot when I can go adventuring.

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