Monday, April 19, 2010


My Seahopper dinghy.

My theme is similar to yesterday’s topic, i.e., I’m looking forward to things to come. Today did not disappoint, although ‘Ladybird’ was not launched, but I guessed that could happen. At this time of year many boats are ready for the water, and the boatyard has one crane, but I’ve been given a promise for the boat to be launched tomorrow, at 1500. The tide will be high enough for ‘Ladybird’ to float clear of the mud so that she can be taken to her mooring.

This morning I tested the navigation lights and I found the starboard one was not working, but after I cleaned the contact points it was OK. Because I very seldom use the fixed hand basin I decided to block off the basin’s seacock by inserting a plug into the drain where it exits underneath the hull. The basin is difficult to clean and because it is under the companionway, dust and dirt accumulates there. The basin is not user-friendly because I have to lean forward and stretch out my arms to reach anything. I much prefer a portable bowl which I place on my lap or on the lower step within reach when I’m sat on the starboard bunk. Getting rid of water from the bowl is done by emptying the contents over the side of the boat. The procedure does not look pretty, but the result is the same as if the contents were to go down the drain.

This morning I repaired a few minor cracks at the chines of my yacht tender. This should make her watertight; I hope so, because last season water found its way into the dinghy. One of my visitors got his feet wet. My tender is a Seahopper folding dinghy, except she no longer folds. I bought her in 1984, and apart from a short period I’ve owned her ever since. She temporarily belonged to a friend, who bought one of my boats, and the Seahopper was part of the deal, but I bought her back. As she began to leak in her twenty-second year I made her into a rigid dinghy by glassing her chines. She’ll probably provide a service for two or three years before she disintegrates.

Well, the prospect looks good for an enjoyable season. Hopefully, I’ll be out on the water soon for the first sail.

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