Saturday, April 03, 2010

10’ Micro-yacht Globetrotters

Following on from yesterday’s Blog, here are a few suggestions of possible 10’ boat types that may be capable of sailing around the world. Some of the boats shown are over 10’, but with modifications they could still meet the LOA criterion.
The obvious number one choice must be Gerry Spiess’s ‘Yankee Girl'. Gerry sailed across the North Atlantic in 1979 aboard his 10’ home-built, plywood boat from Virginia Beach, to Falmouth, England taking 54 days.

'Yankee Girl'

Another contender could be Howard Wayne Smith’s ‘Happy 11’ which was only 9’ 10”. She was the sequel boat that Smith had built for him after he lost the original ‘Happy’ on Nouméa Reef, New Caledonia. Unfortunately this aluminium yacht was confiscated by the Australian Customs, which prevented Smith from completing his circumnavigation.
Here’s an excerpt from the Benford Design Group’s web site. (See link below.)
‘However, Howard Wayne Smith was a determined adventurer. With the aid of an aluminum builder in Noumea, he put together yet another miniature offshore yacht. Economics and record-breaking tables ever in mind, the Happy II came from our drawing boards at 9 1/2 feet. Howard felt that his most-used space on the 13' 10" Happy was really the equivalent of the space he had available in the smaller vessel. He had to mainly forego stores-carrying ability and speed.

This vessel was built, with the stern fore-shortened to make her under nine feet long and he sailed her to Australia. There he had a series of misadventures with the Australian Customs and lost her to them. At that point, thoroughly frustrated, Howard returned to Toronto, setting aside his plans to complete the voyaging.’

'Happy 11'

John Riding’s ‘Sea Egg’ was 2’ too long to qualify, but the concept was good.

'Sea Egg'

Evneny Gvozdev sailed around the world in his home-built 3.6 micro-yacht, which surely makes her a contender.

Evney Gvozdev's Boat

Of course, there are other similar vessels, so this list is far from being comprehensive.


Gerry Spiess – ‘Yankee Girl’

Howard Wayne Smith – ‘Happy 11”

John Riding’s ‘Sea Egg’

Evneny Gvozdev’s Boat


Unknown said...

I live in Brisbane Australia and walk past “Happy” each day on the way into the city … it is on display in our Queensland Maritime Museum.

Do you know how to get hold of Howard, I’d like to interview him for my local radio and TV show.


Blair Allsopp
(m) 0408-419-447

Unknown said...

I was good mates with Hank as we called him.lived and partied with him for all of his stay in aus.shame about what happened with customs,was sorry to see him off at the airport when he was deported penniless. Great bloke,good friend,and a funny bugger to boot. Im going to canada next year and hope locate him and catch up. If i find him ill let you know his contact.


Unknown said...

I have just recieved a reply from a former band mate in a toronto blues band Howie played with in the 70,s,and the sad news is he passed away in may this year 2 days before BB King. He played bass in 2 well known bands in the late 60s early 70s in toronto,the ugly ducklings and diamondback. I was saddened to hear this as ive been searching for afew years now to locate him for a reunion in canada with a few of his old aussie mates. We lost touch over the years ,as happens in life these busy days,and now all i have are the wonderful memories to pass on from a great friendship. Sorry to pull the plug on your hopes of an interview Blair.