Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Launching ‘Ladybird’

Patiently waiting to be launched
Getting ready for lift-off
Hopping over the sea wall
Flying Boat
Being lowered into the water
Off to her mooring

The launching actually took place as planned at 1500. There was enough water for ‘Ladybird’ to float without scraping off the freshly applied antifouling to the base of her keels. As soon as she was lifted off her chocks by the crane I touched up the spots that could not be accessed during the main session of antifouling. She looked smart and I was pleased with her. The boatyard crew did a good job, even attaching the backstays with a little tension, before she was shunted away to her temporary mooring. I’m told she will be placed on a mooring closer to the pontoon, as she was last year.

I rowed out to the yacht for checking that all was well. As expected, there were no leaks and everything was in order, except the depth sounder which will need resetting. She’s ready for her first sail of the season.

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