Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking Forward

Dreaming of Adventure, the Isle of Sheppey in the distance

'Ladybird' waiting for the adventure to begin

If you are a bit like me your day will start early, just as the sun rises. You’ll know when the day begins because you’ll feel an increase in the temperature of your body as a surge of blood is pumped through your veins. You’ll feel the blood coursing through your veins and you’ll want to be out of bed, on your feet, looking forward to what the day may bring. Looking forward is always more positive than looking back, and besides, you can see where you are going!

I’m looking forward to many things, and tomorrow my boat may be launched, which is an exciting prospect. What adventures may lay in store as she and I set off on our summer cruise? The other day I was ambling along the beach at Southend. There was a fresh northerly wind; the clouds were skipping across the sky. I paused to take in the scene. Across the Thames I could see the Isle of Sheppey, and to the right there was a faint dip in the horizon which marked the entrance to the Medway at Sheerness. The air was good and fresh. My heart beat faster as I thought of ‘Ladybird’ and me starting our big adventure at the beginning of June; then a day or perhaps two after the start of our summer cruise she and I could be putting into the River Swale to the east of Sheppey. Our adventure will have begun.

Will I be up to it? Will I be strong enough? Will I have lost my touch? Nothing is for sure, as my daughter who is stranded in Italy just now will testify. Her plane has been grounded, because of volcanic dust affecting the atmosphere from an Icelandic erupting volcano. This is an act of nature, or of God, according to your beliefs. How will things pan out? From where will the winds blow? Will they be strong or light and will there be rain? For the sailor, the direction and strength of the wind is of paramount importance. There’s always a challenge for the coastal sailor because of the proximity of land and the frequency of traffic, i.e, other boats, and for the single-handed coastal sailor, fatigue is to be avoided.

I’ll be looking forward to updating this Blog with a daily record of ‘our’ progress or lack of it, but as on previous occasions I may not be able to upload the story as it unfolds until I can gain access to WIFI points. I hope you will be looking forward to reading my log as I am to sharing it with you.

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