Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alessandro di Benedetto and his Yacht ‘Findomestic Banca’

Before the start
Some time ago I made mention of Alessandro di Benedetto who is attempting to sail around the world non-stop in a 6.5 metre boat. If he succeeds he will hold the record for sailing the smallest vessel non-stop around the Globe. This 39 year old, Franco-Italian adventure sailor already holds two world sailing records: 1) He sailed single-handed across the Atlantic in a 20’ open catamaran, non-stop and unassisted. 2) Aboard the same vessel he crossed the Pacific Ocean by himself without stopping and without being assisted. These voyages were ratified by the WSSRC/ISAF. The Atlantic crossing was done in 2002 and the Pacific in 2006.

I recently learned that Alessandro weathered a bad storm off the coast of Chile on Tuesday 30th March, but his boat was dismasted. He erected a 20’ jury mast and got the boat sailing again. He decided to make for a Chilean port where he could replace or repair the damaged mast, but he changed his mind, preferring to continue south of Cape Horn before making northwards with the aim of returning to Sable d’Olonne, the starting point of his circumnavigation.

Alessandro left Sable d’Olonne on 26th October, 2009, which means he has been at sea for five-and-a- half months. ‘Findomestic Banca’ capsized on 26th January, but this resourceful sailor had prepared for such an event by adding an aft cabin designed to right the boat. It was also a work station where he could shelter while steering his yacht. Originally she was a Mini 6.5 racing yacht designed for racing across the Atlantic. Alessandro thoroughly prepared her by reinforcing her hull with Kevlar and Carbon Fibre; he also strengthened her fixed bowsprit and fitted a steel rudder. He feels confident that his provisions will be adequate for him to complete his circumnavigation.


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