Monday, August 01, 2005

Plywood Arrived

If you’ve been following my log you’ll know I’ve been expecting the marine plywood to arrive for the Paradox micro-sailboat I plan to build. Well, it came this morning!

That brings about the beginning of a long enterprise. I do not expect to complete the boat quickly; it could be as long as two years or more before she’s finished; much will depend on the amount of time I can find for building her.

In all, there are 10 sheets of Robbins marine plywood; they were delived to Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats for him to make a kit version of Paradox, but as he was unable to produce a kit for technical reasons, he sent the plywood to me.

Sheet number 6 of Matt Layden’s plan for building Paradox shows the layout of the plywood components: the bottom of the boat, rudder case and bulkhead number 3 will be made from two sheets of 18 mm ply. Four 12 mm sheets will be used for the sides of the boat, bulkhead number 2, the rudder blade, the cabin sole, shelves and the transom. Three 9 mm sheets will be for the decking, bulkheads numbers 1 and 4, and for making storage bins. One 6 mm sheet is to be used for building the cabin roof, hatch cover and a ventilation baffle.

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