Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cabin Beams etc

There's been more progress today. Number four cabin beam has been laminated and the other three have been cleaned up with the angle grinder. I can't do the final shaping to the cabin beams until they have been fixed to the cabin sides, which may not be until next summer when I hope the hull will have been built.

I've made tentative enquiries for a road trailer. Bramber Trailers seem to be interested, and they have asked for more details. Mersea Trailers no longer make boat trailers. Peak Trailers only supply parts, not the finished product. RM Trailers have yet to get back to me.

Classic Marine can supply all the ring nails I need, the bronze rod, a gudgeon and pintle and various bolts and nuts.

The earlier I can buy the components and equipment for the boat, the better, because over time the costs are sure to rise.

Because my Paradox is likely to be the last 'real' boat I shall own, I want her to be good; indeed, very good throughout; therefore I'm not going to penny-pinch. I'm simply looking for value for money and pleasure in building and using her. Already this is a rewarding experience.

For anyone contemplating a Paradox, don't enter into it lightly, because many man hours are needed for building her.

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