Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cabin Beams etc 2

There’s been heavy rain today, but I was able to laminate the fifth cabin beam; that’s the one above the stern cabin window; it has a stopper piece over which the hatch cover is lifted and dropped into position, to completely seal the cabin. A strip of flexible foam glued to the hatch cover will make the seal watertight. It’s a good job fresh air can enter the cabin through the ventilation system; otherwise the crew would eventually be starved of oxygen.

Now, I need only make three hatch beams to complete all the laminated beams - one will be at the front of the hatch; and two at the rear, one of them above the plywood forming the hatch top and the other below it.

By the time I finish laminating these beams wood for the spars may arrive on my doorstep from Robbins. If that comes to pass, I’ll be able to build the spars, starting with the mast. After that, I could cut and assemble the rudder stock, the rudder and the tiller before starting the bulkheads, the stem, the transom and the vent box.

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