Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Laminating Deck Beams (4)

This morning I used a jigsaw to cut the battens for making all 7 deck beams for Paradox. Once I got the hang of it, keeping straight lines was not at all difficult, and afterwards it was a painless job to plane off any slight irregularities. I found that a bench saw for this procedure was not necessary, although it may have been quicker.

Clamping the battens around the jig was easier than I imagined, but tomorrow will be the acid test, when I apply the epoxy before clamping them together.

I had hoped to finish making my first batten today, but I had to down tools to take a person for a test sail in my Virgo Voyager. He seems to have a real interest in the boat and may make an offer for her. He brought a friend along with him, and they enjoyed the sail. Now, he wants his wife look over the boat; maybe she’ll like what she sees, but I’ll have to wait for his decision via the Broker. I wonder how much influence she will have on his deliberations. We’ll see.

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