Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Laminating Deck Beams (9)

As from tomorrow morning, beam number 7 will be ready for grinding and sanding.

What to do next? I’m not sure – possibly the rudder and its stock or the cabin and hatch beams; for these I’ll need to make a jig similar to the one for the deck beams, but the shape of the curve will be taken from sheet number 10. There’s nothing to stop me building the roller drum mechanism with its tack strut; all in all, I’ve plenty to carry on with; I could even laminate the tiller.

As yet I do not have the timber for the spars, and I’m currently requesting quotes for most of the solid timber used in building a Paradox sailing cruiser. Soon I’ll have to acquire some scrap lead for making the pigs of ballast, 10 in all, each weighing around 40 lbs, bringing the total to 400 lbs. All of this will be needed, as I shall mostly use my Paradox for day sailing; therefore for much of her time under sail she will not be carrying stores to help bring her down to her designed waterline.

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