Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Beams etc 2

With the beams out of the way, I was able to concentrate on the tiller, which I finished this afternoon.

There was time to complete marking out bulkhead number 3, the two sections comprising the rudder stock and the forward end of the boat’s bottom - all on one sheet of 18 mm plywood. By using a cardboard template of the rudder stock I was able to fit one of the shapes into the space between the forward part of the boat’s bottom and bulkhead number 3. That meant only one of the shapes used for forming the stock has to have a triangular piece attached to the forward end; in turn that will be a stronger solution than the one devised by the designer.

I’ll need the other sheet of 18 mm plywood for the remainder of the boat’s bottom.’

I’m uncertain if I’ll be able to cut this very thick plywood with my jigsaw; furthermore, I’m a little dubious about being able to keep the cutting blade at right angles to the uppermost surface, but if I use a new blade I may get away with it. If the showers forecast for tomorrow are not too frequent, I’ll give it a go.

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