Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yachting Wallpapers

My computer is a Dell Studio laptop that I have had for several years. Now and again I change the wallpaper to stimulate interest and pretend I have a new computer. Mostly I choose backgrounds portraying marine scenes. These are nearly always original photographs taken by me. My cameras are not sophisticated. I have a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 Mega Pixels camera and my iPhone 4S which I mostly use.

Professional photographers always do a better job than me. They know their craft, and they have specialist equipment; therefore I like having their photos as backgrounds.

Yacht Racing Images of the Year presented by Mirabaud, turn up some corkers. Quite often they are action packed, which is not so good for wallpapers, since saved folders can be difficult to find amongst the clutter of visual imagery. Sadly, I cannot reproduce any of the Mirabaud collection here, because they are all copyrighted, but you can click the first link below to see them.

You are free to use my original photos set out above for wallpapers, but they remain copyrighted to me, and they should not be copied or reproduced for commercial purposes. [This would be the case if I could upload them!]


Mirabaud Racing Images of the Year 2014

Desktop Nexus Yachting Wallpapers

Sydney Boat Show Photo Competition

Ocean Images (Some good photos, but not large enough for wallpapers)

Yachts and Yachting Photo Gallery

Hamo Thorneycroft Marine Photography

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