Friday, January 30, 2015

An Enquiry about ‘Minnow’

'Minnow' on a nice day

My car this morning!

View from the back of the house

This morning I woke up to find a blanket of snow over the ground, which was a bit unfortunate, because I had agreed to have an enquirer look at ‘Minnow’ with a view to possibly buying her. As he was coming all the way from Blakeney in north Norfolk, I didn’t want him to be disappointed by not being able to see her in the open. However, commonsense and courtesy told me that I should text him to explain that I was not prepared to take the boat out of the garage, and accordingly I advised him not to come. I sent two messages, but I did not receive a reply; therefore I assumed he was not coming.

How wrong I was! At the appointed time of his planned arrival he knocked on the door. Completely unprepared, I led him to the garage where he found ‘Minnow’ as she was, in her state of hibernation. He was very contented for me to leave him to explore the boat before asking questions to clarify a few points. I felt apologetic about not being able to take ‘Minnow’ outside for him to step the mast and to play with her rig, but he assured me that under the circumstances it would not be appropriate.

As is usual with prospective buyers, he said he wanted to think things over before deciding whether to make an offer. I am therefore waiting to hear from him.

*Meanwhile, if there are any other interested persons, please get in touch by phoning or texting me on my mobile: 07588288060. The first to make an acceptable offer and to place a 10% deposit with a guarantee to complete full payment within a fortnight will have her. She can be left in my garage until the spring, if that is what you would want. I am happy to deliver her on her trailer to any location within a hundred miles radius of Hockley, Essex, free of charge, and beyond that for an agreed payment to cover my costs.
*Note: 'Minnow' was sold on 31st January, 2015.


‘Minnow’ for Sale – Part 2

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