Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Golant Gaffer

Out of curiosity I paid a visit to Leigh-on-Sea to discover if I could locate the Golant Gaffer for sale that was listed on yesterday’s blog. I noticed she was at Leigh Motorboat Club, which is about a quarter of a mile up Leigh Creek, beyond Belton Way Small Craft Club.

I couldn’t find unobstructed views of the yacht, but I was able to read her name on the transom, i.e., ‘Blue Goose’.

On Googling ‘Golant Gaffers’, I’ve discovered there are others for sale. (See links below)


Golant Gaffer £11,500

Golant Gaffer No 1 for Sale £11,950 with a Yanmar 1GM 10 HP engine

Golant Gaffer for Sale $35,000 with inboard and road trailer

Golant Gaffer for Sale in Brittany Euros 33,000

Golant Gaffer – Seashell Boats

Golant Gaffer – an article by Classic Marine

The Golant Gaffer – a PDF by Classic Marine

Small Boats from Small Garages – Golant Gaffer

Golant Gaffer - Atlantic Crossing

Golant Gaffer Video 2010 Jester Challenge – Start from Plymouth

Golant Gaffer – built in Berlin

Golant Gaffer – Sailing Scenes

Golant Gaffer – Photo of ‘Green Bottle’

Golant Gaffer – no longer available at Ancasta

Belton Way Small Craft Club Leigh-on-Sea

Leigh Motor Boat Club

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Rene said...

BLUE GOOSE Golant Gaffer G79 is here, in Italy, Ostuni.
In pristine condition, in the small Villanova marina.
Blue Goose is always ready, pulling on its moorings to make its next trip and tacking.
Completely renovated and updated for easy and practical use. I added the indispensable self-draining cockpit and changed the shape of the rudder: under sail, two fingers on the tiller and she responds instantly.
Nice white anti slip paint on deck.
I get on board, the engine starts after one turn without ever failing, the exit is 100 m away, one turn, raise the sails, stop the engine, and it's paradise.
A marvel!