Friday, January 23, 2015

Finesse 24

Alan F. Platt, an Essex boatbuilder, designed and built both the Finesse 21 and the Finesse 24. The larger Finesse 27 was also built by Platt, but she was designed by Maurice Griffiths – that’s according to Sailboat

I have here two grainy photos of a Finesse 24 moored on a mud berth at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. A friend of mine, who has sailed one, says she was not much cop to windward, but I doubt owners of these shallow draught wooden cruising yachts are too fussed about performance on the wind. If they find the wind is contrary, they will be happy to sheet in the main, roll up the jib, and let the reliable Yanmar diesel engine help out. When they arrive back on the mooring they will be comforted by the warmth of her varnished saloon that is fitted with a four-seat dinette and a generous galley.


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‘Drifter’, a Small Sailing Cruiser, perhaps a Finesse 21


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, its strange that you should write a thread about Finnese sailing boats, just when quite a nice looking Dauntless18 is listed on ebay.(281570090145). Shes been on a few days now with no bids, starting at £799. Nice as she is, shes not for me,Id never have the time to do her justice.

William Serjeant said...


She'll need a bit of doing up, but could be good value.