Sunday, November 02, 2014

Small Sailboat Articles

Yesterday I gave details of four major links pages at my blog, and today I have updated one of them, the ‘Small Sailboats’ portal*, by adding twelve more articles. Each article is illustrated with photos taken by me. You are free to use the photos in any way, except for commercial gain.

I am really keen for more people to visit the above links page, as the articles represent a lot of effort on my part, but more so, because they can be used by those seeking information about a particular boat. So far, the portal has only received 113 hits.

Likewise, my Cruising Logs link page** has only had 245 hits.

This is somewhat disappointing, not because of denting my own ego, but because I believe the accounts contain a lot of useful information for cruising folk, especially those who sail small boats around our coasts.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I'm suprised that your cruising blog didnt achieve so much interest. I can only sumise that you've been casting pearls before swine. Well,I for one really appreciate those pearls, and find myself partaking at odd moments all the time.
Thankyou so much.

WoodnMetalGuy said...

Hey Bill -

You may want to include permanent links to those pages in the right hand margin of your blog. Without any easy way to navigate there, I was unaware they existed, and that's maybe the case for others.

You can go into 'Design' mode on your blog, then pick 'layout', then 'add a gadget' and then pick the one you need. Maybe 'Links' would work best in this case.

You can see examples of how this look on my SCAMP building blog at if you're interested.

-- Dave

William Serjeant said...


Thank you very much. I shall look into it. Your homepage is very smart.