Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reminders: Sailboat Links and ‘Minnow’ for Sale

'Minnow' at home

'Minnow' on her trailer

'Minnow' afloat
Dave who has the blog ‘Scamp #243’* suggested I should add links on the right-hand side of my homepage pointing to my ‘Small Sailboats’ page** and to my ‘Cruising Logs' page. ***

No matter how hard I have tried to do this, I have failed, but both pages have been updated and links to them can be found below.

I would like to remind readers that ‘Minnow’, my Paradox Sailboat is still available for purchase, should anyone want to make an offer. Details may be obtained by visiting .


*Scamp #243

**Small Sailboats


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, there's no need to remind me about 'Minnow'being for sale. I just hope I can raise the financial steam bfore too much more time elapses. I'm sending you an e mail with a couple of pictures you may find interesting.

William Serjeant said...

OK Richard.

Thanks for the photos. I have replied by email.